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Epping (Exclusively Pumping)

There seems to be alot of support out there for breastfeeding or bottlefeeding moms, but sadly lacking if you pump and feed your milk to your baby. Here are a few tips from a local mom to get you started.

#1 Get Support


 Emotional and physical support is a must since you are always pumping and won't be able to go out or get much done at first. Accept help from friends and family. Go on Facebook and talk with other moms who are also pumping. You can also hire a lactation specialist to help.

#3 Get a Book


It can be your quick go to reference and will explain routines, etc…….

#2 Get Good Equipment

breastfeeding kit

The right equipment will make the pumpiing go faster and be more comfortable. Go to a good IBCLC to check on flange fit, pump suction, and pumping schedule. The Medella Pump In Style is ok, but not very strong and breaks sooner. Look into your options.

#4 Get a Pumping App

An app will help you keep track of pumping and amounts to track how everything is going. Pump Log is a great one to put on your phone.

cell phone

#5 Keep It Simple

This is not the time to try and be super mom. Do things that save you time and stress like put pump supplies in a bag or bowl in the fridge between pumping. Don't feel like you have to sterilize it after every pumping.  Keep a chart handy of how long to leave milk out, warm it up, etc. Then, you don't have to keep it all in your head. Rest and eat well to keep your emotionally and physically feeling top notch.

Did you know.....
  • Realize that pumping changes as baby grows and is not always the same.

  • There are different types of milk producers: over, under, normal (20-30 oz a day). It is ok to be any of those. Don't compare yourself to other moms. It is not a competition nor does it prove you are a wonderful mom.

  • Some people naturally have high amounts of lipase in their milk.  The excessive amounts of lipase rapidly breaks down the milk and makes it soapy or sour tasting. This causes some babies to refuse to drink pumped milk.

  • Keep pumping to a certain number of pumps a day. Once you drop to 3 pumps or less a day, you lose your supply.

  • Learn about D-mer (Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex) because it gets worse with pumping, especially double pumping.

  • The constant pumping can lead to infections and soreness. Use all purpose nipple cream.

  • Going from breastfeeding to pumping takes a different mind set to get milk let down.

  • You can have more than one let down during a feeding.


 A great list of Nashville breastfeeding resources and support groups is listed here.

breastfeeding help
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