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Making Your Dreams Come True

Imagine your baby in your arms with your husband proudly smiling down at you after your blissful birth. The sweet smell of your newborn is intoxicating. When you hold your warm chubby baby in your arms for the first time, you feel euphoric, like nothing else matters. You look over at your doula who gently sighs a prayer of gratitude for the chance to nurture this family and witness a true miracle.

This may sound like a dream, but it is a reality for us and our clients. Our professional doulas feel privileged to walk beside you, encourage you, and support you from a Christian perspective. Your concerns are our concerns and we find joy as you find joy.  We immerse you in love, kindness, & respect while supporting you in your choices for yourself and your baby. You are family to us and we are with you from beginning to end.

Our goal is no regrets, just amazing memories.


Turning Your Vision into Reality

You dream of a fabulous pregnancy and birth. When you finally get pregnant your time is taken up with morning sickness, future planning, or caring for work or family instead or making your dream come true. Time goes so fast and you end up settling for less than your dream, creating regrets.

You are a busy woman who just needs to focus on living and growing a baby. We are the birth experts who spend our time learning about local resources and birth tips to help you have a good experience. Schedule a consult with us to pick our brain about local hospitals, care providers, and more. We make is simple for you.

No family support can lead to bad birth experiences, depression, and even loneliness. We fill in the gaps and quickly  become “family” to you while you adjust to parenthood.

A Perfectionist in Every Detail for You

A Birth Consultant guides you in your transition from couplehood to parenthood. We have over 24 years of experience, know all the hospitals, and how best to guide you during this magical time.

Our goal is no regrets, just amazing memories.

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your needs. We set up your dream plan, educate you on your options, and coordinate all the services you request.


If you don't have the time or are unsure about what you want, we  created  three basic packages for you of the best services with the finest birth professionals. Take a moment to explore them.

Pregnancy, Birth, and  Postpartum.

No more do you need to worry about spending your precious time sifting through google, searches, reading reviews, or interviewing people. We did that for you and have a great network at our fingertips.


We Work Together For You

We are a fun group of Christian women who love the Lord and all He has created. We believe in you and want to nurture you.

Meet your Blissful Birthing Tn support team


Rebekah Porter

Emily Stewart

Loree Eaker

Carolyn Paine

Jessica Brown

Abijah Gibson

Placenta Encapsulist: Anna Morgan

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