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Sarah Riepe


Hi there! I’m Sarah, a Virginia native that has been in Nashville since 2013. I am married to my middle school sweetheart and we have two daughters, Florence and Eliza. I have been blessed to be in ministry for the last thirteen years- working with students, mamas, and individuals affected by disability. During ten of those years I was also a professional nanny and was able to work with many postpartum moms and families as they welcomed their little ones. In my free time, I now host a weekly playtime for moms and kiddos, love getting outside with my family, and spend way too much time with my chickens. 
After several years of infertility, my own traumatic birth is what left me feeling called to be a doula. Having always loved supporting mamas, learning the latest on natural support for all things, and caring for families as they grow it became a true calling on my life to partner with moms in this way. I was blessed with the opportunity to support many moms before my second birth, which was so impactful in in itself, leading to a truly incredible and redeeming second birth for my family. 

I cherish being allowed to walk with women as they become a mama, or add another sweet life to their family. Being a part of their journey from early on in pregnancy to months into parenthood is really such an honor for me. I feel it is so important for each mother to be able to look back on their birth story and truly be able to feel supported, cared for, and heard. I want to help each mama have a peace filled pregnancy and birth, and provide their partner or support person with the same.

Providing education as well as emotional and physical support helps each mama be able to feel confidence in their informed choices, and strengthens how they progress through labor, leading to a better birthing experience. I love praying over each mama I walk with and that I can be who they specifically need each day of their journey, even as that evolves and changes. It is such an honor to support each family I’m allowed to partner with in pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum.

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I have experience with:
    First time moms
    C-section moms (St. Thomas OR Certified)
    Medicated birth
    Non-medicated birth
    VBAC support
    Preterm Labor
    Peanut ball Use
    Rebozo Use
    Advanced Maternal Age
    Premature Babies
    Home Birth
    Hospital Birth
    Birth Center Birth
    Miscarriage & Loss
    Thyroid issues/ Hashimotos
    Newborn ICU babies
    Rebirth After A Traumatic Birth
    Car seat safety
    Newborn care
    Exclusively breastfeeding support
    Exclusively pumping support
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