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Kelsey Lowder


Hello there! My name is Kelsey Lowder and I was born and raised right in the heart of Tennessee. I live on a farm with my love and our beautiful toddler, Eleanor Kinsley. If I'm not in the birth room you'll definitely find me at home doing yoga, crafting, or teaching swim lessons and prenatal water classes at Beyond Aquatics in Murfreesboro.

Throughout my pregnancy and birth journey I knew I wanted what was best for my daughter and I and to do that I felt I had to begin educating myself on anything and everything pregnancy, baby, and birth related. Through this journey I was able to find self-love, empowerment, and a purpose. Nothing I have come across has sparked such deep passion as the birth world, and I hope to share that empowerment and passion with as many women as God will allow.

Over the decades women have been stripped of their God given rights to birth. Many have been made to feel incapable and I am here to hold your hand and show you this power is yours. All you have to do is give it to God and reach for the stars.

Every birth journey is unique and every mother has her own special wants and needs. I am here to educate, hold space for mama, and support her every step of the way. I look forward to joining you on this incredible journey.

BB TN Trained Doula.jpg
I have experience with:
    First time moms
    Non-medicated births
    Peanut Ball Use
    Rebozo for Comfort and Position Changes
    Hospital birth
    Spinning Babies
    Breastfeeding Support
    Bottle feeding
    Loss Moms
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