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Chandler Bergeron


My name is Chandler Bergeron and I have been living in Nashville TN for the past seven years. I graduated from Lipscomb University in May 2021 with a BA in Exercise Science. I have worked as a certified personal trainer and part-time nanny, for the past several years and have recently completed my Doula certification from Blissful Birthing Agency. I have always been passionate about health, fitness and caring for children. After experiencing a hip injury as a student athlete on the cross country team in college, as well as a back injury from my work as a personal trainer, I have experienced first hand the strength it takes to recover, both mentally and physically from physical traumas. Through my strong faith in God and the support of my family and friends, I know the importance of being healthy, both physically, mentally, and spiritually to thrive in all stages of life. I am so excited to incorporate my passion for health, fitness, faith and love for women and children by pursuing this new career as a Doula.

Through my experience with personal training and helping people reach their fitness goals, I learned a great deal about communication and encouraging people with positive affirmations regarding their physical and mental self-worth. I was able to use these important people skills during my work as a nanny as well. I have worked with several families over the past five years with children ranging in age from newborn twins to tenacious toddlers, as well as active adolescents. Watching mothers cope with the many challenges of fatigue, newborn care, sickness, emotional stress, physical pain and depression, I became passionate about the health and well being of the Mother as much as the child. After meeting several Doulas in the Nashville area I felt called to pursue this as a career.

I believe that the birth of a child is a gift from God. I want to incorporate my faith as a prominent part of my Doula care. Through my own personal experiences and my Doula training I am confident that I can offer a comprehensive experience that includes spiritual, emotional, and physical support as well as the knowledge to make the best birthing plan for each individual mother. Although I am passionate about a wholistic, natural approach to the birthing process I am fully aware that this a personal choice and I will completely respect and support each individual mother when making decisions for her birthing experience. I look forward to working together on this miraculous journey of childbirth!

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