True Last Minute Birth Prep

Are you in your last trimester and too busy to take a childbirth class? Do you think about winging it? We created a package just for you. No thinking necessary!

True Last Minute Birth Prep

  • In 1 day, you will be prepared for birth

  • We match you to a fabulous doula who will be with you during your entire labor

  • List of essential "must haves" for baby

  • 3 hour childbirth class taught in your home

  • Create your birth plan with you (medicated, non medicated, or c-section birth)

  • Packing your hospital bag

  • Video Tour of the hospital of your choice

  • How to know if you are in labor

  • When to call the doctor in labor

  • Hospital Protocols

  • After the birth planning and newborn care instruction


You are a very busy woman who does not have time to waste interviewing doulas or researching childbirth. Plus, none of the classes match your limited free time and you would rather be doing other things.With Last Minute Birth Prep there is no homework and we will leave you confident that your baby can come tomorrow and you are prepared. We created this just for you!