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2020 Latest Hot Baby Products: Are They Worth It?

One of my fabulous clients recently gifted me with her new mom hard won wisdom and I decided to pass it along to you. There are so many new baby products, but are they as amazing as the commercials say they are? Our friend decided to try them out. She then added each item to the "Worth it" or "Not Worth it" list. Here is your insider tip before you spend all that money on your new baby.

Worth it:

  • Bamboobies

  • Nursing pads

  • Washable, softer than disposable ones

  • Earth Mama nipple butter

  • Safe for baby and not sticky like Lanolin (Lanolin is bad if allergic to wool plus Lilly hated the taste of it)

  • Body Armor electrolyte Drink

  • Helps you stay hydrated

  • They sell at grocery stores, but cheapest at Costco

  • Happiest Baby book

  • BabyWise is a really old book from the ‘40s and is not up to date with good info

  • Taking Cara Babies” Training online

  • Pretty much the same message as Happiest Baby Book

  • Doesn’t promote Cry It Out Method

  • Helps to explain wake windows- important to learn about PRIOR to having baby. We didn’t realize Lilly needed to be assisted to go to sleep and ended up with an overtired, fussy newborn

  • Dunstan baby language

  • So interesting and helps you to know how what your baby needs

  • No need to buy the app, it has bad reviews, but watch the youtube and it will explain enough

  • Amazon Maternity/Post Partum/Nursing finds:

  • Hofish bras

  • Nursing bra that gives you a normal bra shape without being an underwire. Not super comfortable, but good for dressing up.

  • Undies

  • So comfortable and don’t ride up. Don’t knock them until you try them postpartum.

  • Nursing Tanks

  • Great to layer under a loose shirt and just pull the outside shirt up to nurse

  • Nursing dress: So comfy and cute

  • Depends or Always brand Underwear for Postpartum

  • So comfortable and keeps things clean. Easier than juggling pads in mesh undies

  • Wear these on way to hospital if in labor! My water broke on the drive!

  • Leachco Podster lounger

  • sooooo useful and keeps upright after feedings. Necessary for reflux

  • A LOT less expensive than the Dock a Tot and lasts longer as baby grows

  • Shusher

  • So you don’t pass out getting your baby to fall asleep

  • Hushh Travel white noise machine

  • Hatch nightlight/white noise

  • Diaper Caddy Tote

  • to hold all your necessities while nursing

  • Swaddle Me Swaddle and HALO swaddle

  • These were our favorite brands that worked on Lilly, but I think every baby may be different in this regard.

  • Aiden and Anis swaddle muslin blankets and burp cloths/bibs

  • You will need so many burp cloths, especially if baby has reflux. Go ahead and get a lot to reduce how often you have to do laundry.

  • Don't buy the Gerber burp cloths. They are too thin to hold anything. Flat cloth diapers are thick and absorbable.

  • Muslin Burp Cloths

  • Solly Baby wrap

  • Great for Summer babies because it’s light weight and comes in cute colors. Otherwise, Boba Wrap is a great option too.

  • Cradle cap brush

  • Skip hop activity mat

  • 4Moms Playyard

  • Totally worth the $$$, one handed set up

  • Annoying that you have to spend $40 to get their mat cover as a sheet. It is a different size than pack and play

  • Doona – car seat and stroller in one

  • Worth the $$$!

  • Handle doesn’t extend very far so not great for people taller than 5’10”

  • You will still want another stroller for neighborhood walks

  • Portable Fan for walks

  • Rechargeable and works great

  • Get two! One for baby, one for mom

  • Infant Optics Monitor

  • Dr. Browns colic bottles

  • Kiinde twist milk storage bags and milk warmer starter kit

  • Nose Frida:

  • helps with congested babies or sick babies to clean their nose

  • Frida Windi baby

  • relieves gas immediately

  • Gas drops:

  • Use before nursing for a calmer baby

  • Probiotics (Gerber Soothe or BioGaia)

  • Glider from Buy buy baby

  • Baby Bath Sponge:

  • No need to buy a little sink tub that is hard to use

  • One sponge can fit baby as baby grows

  • Allows you to bath baby in your tub

  • Haakaa

  • Use this regularly while nursing on the other side

  • Keeps things cleaner (no leaking onto your clothes) and helps build up your stash for bottle feedings

  • Kyte baby clothes

  • Cute and SO soft bamboo material. Great for sensitive/eczema skin

  • Double zipper jammies are nice for diaper changes too!

Not Worth It:

  • Boppy

  • slides out from under you

  • Heard better reviews on My Breast Friend which has a strap

  • Dock a Tot

  • Some people swore by theirs, but we like the Leachco Lounger so much more.

  • Mama Roo Swing

  • Lilly does not like this nor do several of my friends’ babies

  • Tommy Tippee (wrong shape nipple according to lactation specialist)

  • Any other bottles besides the Dr. Brown’s Colic ones honestly

  • Medela calm bottle nipple

  • Wedge pillow for bassinet to help with reflux

  • She just rolled down this and ended up lower in her bassinet

  • Wipes Warmer: the wipes never get that cold because they are room temp.

  • Don’t buy a bunk of cute baby blankets. People gift you blankets left and right.

  • Don’t buy any non-nursing friendly clothes

  • Hats

  • They only wear in the hospital unless it is winter and even then, they fall off all the time

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