Why have a traditional baby shower? A Blessingway is a way to celebrate with all your girlfriends and family to build up your mind, body and soul in preparation for your journey to motherhood. 

Let's Celebrate the Journey to Womanhood!

Unlike a Baby Shower, which is more baby and gift focused, the Blessingway is a unique way to honor the pregnant woman and celebrate her transition into motherhood.

This special mother-centered gathering offers close friends and family a fresh approach to honoring, supporting, nurturing, and encouraging mothers-to-be. Ultimately, mothers preparing for birth need a circle of support. This ceremony before birth is to gather, acknowledge, and call to duty the mother’s circle of support.

You supply the guest list and we will take care of the rest to ensure a memorable ritual.

Where do Blessingways come from?
The Blessingway ritual is inspired by American Indian tradition. The family and tribe would pray for the help of spiritual forces to safely guide the recipient on her path, and would offer their prayers and symbolic gifts of power and meaning. This ritual was a way to ceremonially mark significant transitions in life, in a spiritual and meaningful way.

The package costs $250 and includes:

 Mailed handcrafted invitations

 Hosted at my house, your house, or a separate location

 Power Bead Bracelet made from the guest’s beads (to be worn while birthing)

 A fun hour long Birthingway ceremony led by me and may include welcoming to the support circle, placing of the flower
wreath, cleansing, maternal lineage, poem reading, empowerment story sharing, massage/ acts of service to the mother, building the web of support while each guest shares her bead, and henna belly painting.

 Flower Wreath for the mother to be (one for each guest is an additional cost)

 Yummy yogurt, fruit, homemade bread and meats, or a sweet buffet (your choice)

 Party Favors for each guest


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