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Jasmine Lunsford


Hello! My name Is Jasmine Lunsford. I’m a mother of 6 children, a birth doula, and RDA. I really enjoy spending time with my family and learning new skills. I am self taught in many things like acrylic nails, hair, and most recently photography!

I have always had a great love for child birth as a whole. I believe women and what our bodies can do is beyond amazing! I have grown an even bigger love for it as I have had many of my own childbirth experiences. Throughout the years I have done quite a bit of research regarding women’s bodies and the process of labor and delivery, it is truly magnificent and I am here to educate you as much as you’d like! I also think it is very important to have an extra advocate, as sometimes labor can be stressful or tiring and you may have less motivation or energy to communicate things to your entire birth team. I can not wait to be your doula and go along side you in this beautiful journey!

BB TN Trained Doula.jpg
I have experience with:
    Medicated Births
    Hospital Births
    Birth Planning
    Bottle feeding
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